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Item No CAPACITY Drawing

25 LTRS (24"DIA)

40 LTRS (30"DIA)

60 LTRS (32"DIA)

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  • GAS Direct Heating.
  • Stock Pots.
  • 80 Litre capacity Boiling Pan.
  • Made of Stainless Steel.
  • Counterweighted hinged lid.
  • Stainless burner.
  • Safety valve and thermocouple.
  • Cold - Hot water fill - Drain tap
  • Natural or LPG gas
Gas Consumption 0.5 Kg/Hrs - 1.5 Kg/Hrs
Material thickness 0.8mm - 3.15mm
Burner head T35 G11, G9 M10
Frame 11/4" x 11/4"
Top Made out of 304 Grade 16 SWG SS sheet,18 SWG SS side paneling 04 - sides.
Pan support Cast iron pan support
Burners Varies as per range
NC Value Varies as per range
Pigtail Varies as per range
Legs Made out of 11/2"OD 16 SWG SS pipe legs with adjustable bullet legs